We're All The Same

I (along with @DarrylTheSharp) took the old Shepard Fairey N*E*R*D logo and transformed it into something I felt not only represented me and where I come from, but also represented the times we all live in. In the original logo, it was a brain placed as a light bulb in the center of 10 yellow beams in a circle. I always interpreted this as a representation of your brain’s ideas (which a light bulb typically represents) and the light coming from those ideas.

In my version, I have chosen to replace the original brain with a raised fist. By popular definition, a raised fist is a symbol of solidarity and support, and a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance. As we all know, our world is full of growing conflict at the moment - conflict based upon separation of color, religion, sexual orientation and other truly irrelevant ways to divide us as humans. I replaced the brain with the fist because I believe that this gesture of solidarity and support starts with our ideas. Once again broadening our perspective, seeing ourselves as one human race (hence the fist being green - a color no human is) rather than these made-up categories is the first step in true progression.

I used glow in the dark paint as a representation that even when times go dark, this symbol - and more metaphorically your ideas, ideals and purpose - can and will still shine bright with light. No matter how dark your environment gets, your efforts of progression and unification will not go unnoticed.

Because I felt like this way of thinking is the baseline for true progression, I felt that I wanted to represent my baseline and where I’m from - Virginia. First, there is the obvious N*E*R*D tribute as they are from where I am from. Second, Darryl and I put the state of Virginia inside the fist, and my area code hidden as the negative space of the first 3 fingers. And lastly comes my more immediate purpose with this collection…

There are only 100 TRUCKER HATS in existence.

The proceeds from these trucker hats will be used to create a STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP for a student from my alma mater - Virginia Tech. I believe that the most common barrier in broadening your perspective during you time on earth is the price of travel to physically do so. I know that my travels across the world have helped strengthen the concept that we are all just ONE HUMAN RACE, and I hope that this scholarship will help a student on the same educational path as I was do the same. To get even more meta - it would be humans helping other humans to understand how similar we all truly are.

Enjoy the merch - love you all! Truly!